Financial Arrangements

What Patients Should Know About Paying for Procedures, Including Charity Care Options

Before the day of your procedure at Triangle Surgery Center, we’ll provide all of the information you need to register and arrange for payment. If you do not have insurance or have financial hardships that affect our ability to pay medical expenses, you may qualify for charity care or financial assistance.

We encourage you to review your health insurance policy documents before scheduling a procedure to understand the terms of your policy, what is covered, and your expected contribution. Verifying coverage ahead of time ensures that you can focus on recovery and rehabilitation after the procedure.

If you meet the criteria for financial assistance or charity care, your application must be submitted and approved prior to admission for a procedure. Otherwise, on the day of admission, please bring your insurance card(s) and a picture ID. You are responsible for paying deductibles, co-payments, and co-insurance fees for medical care at the time of admission.

You will be billed separately for additional services, such as those rendered by your physician and anesthesiologist. You may also receive separate bills for radiology, pathology, or laboratory services if they are necessary for your procedures. It is your responsibility to know what your health insurance policy covers, and to pay your medical bills. We will file insurance claims on your behalf, and do everything possible to ensure the maximum reimbursement amount.

If you are unable to meet the payment requirements, have any questions regarding your financial obligation, or believe you may qualify for financial assistance or charity care, please contact our business office at (919) 596-8524.

Refund Policy

Per NC § 131E-91(b) Fair billing and collections practices for hospitals and ambulatory surgical facilities.

Patient Refund Policy: If a patient has overpaid the amount due to the hospital or ambulatory surgical facility, whether as the result of insurance coverage, patient error, health care facility billing error, or other cause, and the overpayment is not in dispute or on appeal, the hospital or ambulatory surgical facility shall provide the patient with a refund within 45 days of receiving notice of the overpayment.

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You may also visit our Insurance and Billing page for more information.

Charity Care and Financial Assistance Information

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